Human beings are special compared to other creatures in the world. They are the only ones that have a sense of their environment and an understanding of nearly everything that happens around them. More importantly, many people have an inherent belief about a connection they have with a supernatural world. It helps them explain various phenomena such as death and the presence of supernatural power responsible for the existence of humanity. Such belief is the reason you should wrap your head around the world of psychics who are able to understand the element of spirituality. It not only helps you make sense of humanity but can also help you make better decisions in life when used as a life coaching tool. Here are the various psychic senses you need to know:


Clairsentience is a psychic sense where the psychic conveys knowledge of what they feel via physical signs. It refers to the ability to pick up physical signs just by being close to them. The proximity enables the psychic to pick up elements such as illnesses, injuries and emotions and convey them to you in a manner that makes sense. Clairsentience can come in handy with advice on planning your life in case of a terminal illness or an injury you suffered. Psychics using this medium of interpretation might also use the term 'vibrations' to define the responses they are getting by being close to you.


Clairgustance is not as popular as clairsentience, but you might come across a few psychics who use it as a medium of communication and interpretation. Simply, clairgustance refers to an intuitive sense of taste. The psychic tastes something intangible. It might not be present as well, which is often an indication of their attempt to communicate with the dead. The intangibility of the element they taste is symbolic of an absent being.


Just as the name suggests, clairaudience refers to a psychic's ability to hear sounds, music and words that an ordinary person cannot hear. They use sound to interpret and understand the events that are relevant to your life. Clairaudience is popular among psychics who communicate with the dead. They then interpret these sounds to you in a manner that highlights the things you need to do or change in your circumstances.


Clairvoyance defines an ability to perceive and understand visions of the future, present and the past. The psychic relies on images from the dead, the spirit world and other media to make sense of what is happening.  Clairvoyance is a common medium of communication among channelers.