Psychics use a variety of methods to tell people about their lives, their futures and their pasts. When people are looking for information about relationships, however, whether its with family, friends or lovers, tarot readings and astrology readings are often the first ones that come to mind. 

Types of Readings

Astrology is one way of finding out about your relationship through a psychic. Astrology is the practice of predicting or understanding events based on the position of stars and other celestial objects. This is how horoscopes work, though things can get a lot more complex than simply what zodiac sign you fall under. Astrology may be able to tell you how compatible you are with another person based on your sign as well as other factors. Not only will this help you determine if a relationship is worth pursuing, but it can also give you an explanation for certain behaviours to help you and your partner work together to improve your relationship.

Tarot is another popular method of learning more about a relationship. By consulting the cards, you can learn things about yourself, your significant other and others around you. This can help you prepare for what's to come or to better understand things from the past. There are a variety of spreads that can be used for relationship information, each with its own aims, strengths and weaknesses. 

Professional or By Yourself

Both of these methods can be done by yourself, which can be one way to save money. This saves you having to find a qualified psychic and avoids any uncomfortable conversations you may have to have about any personal details. In the comfort of your own home you can consult your astrological chart or read your own tarot cards and comfortably link the meaning with what you know about your own life.

However, consulting a professional has its benefits as well. While it may cost more money, you are not only paying for the reading itself, you are also paying for that psychic's experience and intuition. They will know the cards, or the stars, inside out and may pick up on details or connections that you might have missed. They may notice subtle clues about your life that you may not be able to pick up unless you had their experiences.

Of course there are many different ways that psychics can tell you about your relationships, and it is worth doing research to see if any are particularly relevant based on your needs, but these two are very common and accessible, especially if you are looking to try it out yourself.